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Ed's Mudville Grill

6200 Center Street . Clayton, California 925.673.0333

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Little Leaguer's
Little Leaguer's meals include soft drink or milk and an ice cream cup
Chicken Strips
Two boneless breaded chicken strips
Served with fries
Mac n' Cheese
Served with applesauce
Cheese Quesadilla
Quesadilla served with cheese only
Served with fries
Corn Dog
Honey battered all beef hot dog on a stick
Served with fries
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
American cheese on grilled sourdough
Served with fries
Hot Dog
All beef Miller dog
Served with fries
Two slider burgers
Served with fries
Cheese Bread
Cheese bread with salami, pepperoni or cheese only
Served with applesauce
Eddie Spaghetti
Marinara sauce and parmesan cheese
Served with garlic bread